WERK Aviation Asset Management works with lessors, lessees reviewing lease commercial terms and assisting with lease deliveries and returns including forced returns and hostile repossessions.   We offer technical consulting to banks, financial institutions and provide asset market valuations upon request working with ISTAT appraisers and provide reports with our perspective injected. We work with private investors who wish to invest in leased aircraft, aero engines and purchase salvage aircraft assets from insurers. 

 Our services:

  • Asset management through the full lease cycle for aircraft and engines.
  • Full or partial project management related to lease or purchase delivery.
  • Full or partial project management related to lease returns and repossessions.
  • Records audits and preparation for delivery.
  • Critical aircraft and engine records scanning.
  • We provide web accessible on-line visibility on our projects and records audits. 
  • We support lessees starting 12 months prior to lease return to plan the lease return and work with the lessor to reduce lessee costs. 
  • We continually search for aircraft and engine assets for sale, either already on lease or end of life targets for monetizing through a managed teardown process.
  • We invest our own funds in all investment we offer private investors. 
  • We manage assets for the investor including re-marketing leased assets we provide end of life strategies for the assets we management to maximize the monetization of the asset for the investor.